* Understanding different insurance policies requires you to ask a lot of questions. Kusum helped us answer them with unbelievable patience and clarity. She presented scenarios and constantly followed up. She is dedicated, thorough and diligently manages every detail. 

Looking back a few years, working with Kusum has only resulted in trusting her decisions even more. She is now our financial advisor on TFSA as well.

Thank you Kusum for your support and help.

Sandip Y.


* The one problem I've always had when signing up for insurance products was getting a clear understanding of what I'm signing up for. After hearing a presentation that Kusum had prepared for me I had a complete understanding of the subject. She is thorough with the material. She is the first person that I can think of when friends and family are looking for a financial advisor. Kusum helped me with my Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance. The only regret I have is not signing up with her earlier.

Daniel Y.