Our philosophy is simple - we want to get to know you to help you make the best decisions possible. This goes back to our roots when Alphonse Desjardins (1854 – 1920), our founder set about his idea for a “people’s bank”. His idea was simple – to provide financial services to working people. On December 6, 1900 Desjardins opened its doors for the first time. Today, Desjardins Group is the largest financial co-operative in Canada and the second strongest financial institution in the world (Bloomberg 2014).

Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network (DFSIN) is a national network of financial advisors specializing in life and health insurance and investments, together with its counterpart SFL Partner of Desjardins Financial Security in Quebec and New Brunswick.

Our focus is to understand your goals and develop a plan to reach them. We will meet with you to present an analysis and discuss recommendations. Together, we will implement the recommendations best for you and monitor your progress toward your goals and when necessary, we will adjust your financial security plan. 

In an ever-changing world, we are committed to staying up to date on tax and estate laws to provide you with the best financial advice for your specific situation.

Kusum Sen is licensed for life and health insurance and registered for mutual funds in the province of Ontario.

Our speciality services include, Advisory Services, Insurance, Savings, Investments, Registered Plans, Annuities, Group Insurance, and Insurance for the self-employed.


*Mutual funds distributed through Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.